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Familiar face
Status: New idea

The new design, while modern, does not make the toolbar easy to relate to the content as it is above the tabs.  It looks like a random collection of icons that keep changing. Each tab sees the toolbar change,  but nothing prompts the user to even be aware why that is.

Perhaps my mind works in odd ways,  but I see the tab as the workplace and I want everything related to that tab in it.  Not hovering in space above the menu bar.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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New member

I totally agree, the optional menu bar should be at the top of the window out of the way of tabs and their context related menus.

Same as in Firefox! Why invent something new for Thunderbird?
... or even better same as in all other standard applications, so not at the top of the windows above the title bar, but below the title bar of the window.

Also the context related ribbon bar should sit below the tabs, because that is the context the ribbon bar relates to.

Current UI layout in v115/116 is a bit of a mess IMHO. Lots of room for improvement!

Making moves

I really think that the File | View toolbar should be placed on top like all other Windows applications. The current design is forcing me to disable that menu so that the action menu is closer to the email messages that I want to perform the action on. The only spaces I use is MAIL for 99% of the time with Addressbook taking up the 1%. I do not use any of the other spaces.

New member

I agree. The file menu should be above the tool bar not below it or at least have an option for it to be above.

New member

This should be up to the user.  I completely agree that it goes against basic Windows UI design to have anything other than the File Edit View menu at the very top.  Please allow at least a advanced editor config option to change the location back to the way it was.

Also, fwiw I've had nothing but problems after upgrading to Supernova 115.2 which I wouldn't have done had I known it was such a massive overhaul.  Next time, please don't mix such massive upgrades into the standard Help --> About Thunderbird --> Update process flow without a major warning to users.

Making moves

I agree PsychProd put in a warning especially since the older 105 version was still being maintained. SuperNova breaks some extensions that people may rely on.

New member

I whole-heartedly agree, the position of the menu bar is wrong now.  Just plain wrong.

I'd also like to see the ability to put a space between buttons, or at least a vertical bar.  It's a close call between Delete and Get Messages, and a so-called 'flexible space' is not adjustable, it just takes up as much space as is available.

And why can't we check mail from right-clicking on the icon in the task bar?  Seems silly to me.

New member

To me, the toolbar at the top is not working well. I prefer the menu bar at the top. I hope you can modify ii, in such a manner that users can choose the toolbar and menu bar position



Making moves

Agreed. Got the upgrade come through today, and man does it look weird and bad with the menubar below the (largely empty space) toolbar.

Making moves

If I'm honest, the new UI is pretty bad in terms of buttons. Some buttons, like the 'new message' button are clearly buttons. Others, like the reply button aren't buttons visually. They're just text and an icon in space, with no indication as to where the user should click on. It's embaressing to me from a basic UI design standpoint.

Also the fact that the 'new message' button and all other buttons are in separate areas? Bizarre. I get that it's meant to relate to the account you're currently clicked on, but I don't think it makes any intuitive sense.

Lastly there is no visual or textual differentiation between the top 'Get messages' button and the one in the account pane.

Making moves

I believe this is no the first time this mistake is made in Thunderbird. I seem to recall that the same request was made, implemented, and then disappeared in the saga of the mess of Thunderbird UI.

Making moves

The new design, though modern, fails to make the toolbar easily relatable to the content because it is positioned above the tabs. It appears as a random collection of icons that change with each tab, yet there is no clear indication to the user why this is happening.

In my view, the tab should serve as the workplace, with all related tools and options contained within it, rather than floating above the menu bar. This would create a more intuitive and organized user experience, ensuring that all relevant tools are readily accessible and logically associated with the current tab's content.