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Just like how we used to be able to select "compact."

I understand that more and more people are using vertically oriented devices like phones and tablets, but there is still a huge market share of users on desktop devices, and with the market saturated by widescreen displays, taking up vertical space while having 4 inches of white space on the left and right side of practically every website makes no sense.

I switch between Firefox and Opera because I really enjoy the sidebar that Opera has as it makes much more efficient use of screen real estate.

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Community Manager

@Maverick74 very interesting! and thanks for the visual...always helps. There's also a similar idea about merging the tab bar and address bar here: Make Address bar placeable to the Tab header 

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I've taken sometime to simulate how this would look like in Firefox.

Here's a preview:

Normal navigation:



After a double click on the desired tab:

Compact URL bar.png


I'll submit this on the other idea as well (since i don't really know where does this fits better...)


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Hi everyone!
Using UserChrome.css I was able to merge the tab and address bar on the title, would you like to check it out? 😄


2022-12-19 174135.png



Strollin' around

Eventually implement the discontinued Theme Font & Size Changer for Firefox and Thunderbird.

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So we're at Firefox 110.0 and the Compact option that was available as recently as 108 has not been corrected. So I have uninstalled Firefox on all computers and other devices. There will be no more donations. IF you happen to correct this issue, let me know. Don't send Kudos's or attaboy's. All devices are on Chrome until I can come up with a viable replacement. Too many browsers out there that can be used. Maybe if you lose a couple of points of market share, you'll get the message. I'll check back a couple of times a year (just for grins) to see if this "problem" has been corrected. I would recommend getting this done BEFORE I find another comfortable browser to use. Sign me Pissed Off.

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UI elements size - Tabs and bookmarks head table

Hello, can we please get smaller squares for the head tabs listed on the top.

Basically they use way to much space from the screen, especially on smaller screen like laptops.

Some of the UI elements are way to big and disproportionate vs the rest, i used red to show them better.


It like much more as it used to be sometime ago, before the UI size increase.

I think it would be best to give us an option to increase or decrease the size of Mozilla Firefox UI elements. (either for each zone or all of it at once)

Thank you!



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It would be nice if the Firefox UI was adaptive in general, and I don't mean the web pages. It would help those of us using a mobile Linux phone like Purism's Librem 5 or Pine64's PinePhone.

Currently, Firefox somewhat works but the experience is not ideal, with extension buttons being near impossible to use. Gnome Web offers a more pleasant UX, though it lacks the versatile features of Firefox.

Here is an example of what this looks like on a Librem 5 (This is not Android!):


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Would still love to enable compact density without going through about:config first.

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It would still be nice to be able to select 'compact' from the density selector again. I hate having to go through about:config to enable settings that should be standard.

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Make toolbar fonts larger and make toolbars take up less space.

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Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

Making moves

Currently the Lepton CSS theme support compact view. By the way, I don't recommend using Opera because it was being bought by a Chinese company which had terrible privacy reputation and even its founder left this company. I recommend using vivaldi instead.

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I would like to have a browser that works well for convergence. That means when on a small and low resolution display (IE display on phone) it has the phone style and when the phone is connected to a USB-C dock with a 32" 4K monitor it changes to the tabbed view that works well with such displays.

Currently I have the a Huawei Mate 10 Pro that when connected to a dock or USB-C monitor displays a different interface for the larger screen but Firefox displays the same interface as it does on the phone screen.

I also have a Librem5 which has a window layout that is mostly optimised for a large screen on a laptop or desktop even though it's not a particularly large or high resolution phone.

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I just came back to firefox after using a different variant that no longer works.  The toolbars icons are three times the height of the text - why? if we can see the text we don't need huge icons. Additionally there is a rediculous amount of white space above and below each so the toolbars take up a third of my screen! Even in compact mode which barely makes a difference. We are here to look at web pages not admire browser UI. I can only see three lines of my email, or a relatively small video window and pressing control minus now only changes text size not overall page sizing. It's actually unuseable.

Who are they making this for? don't other people still use laptops?

I'll have to see if opera has fared any better with the page sizing.


Strollin' around

When people try Firefox for the first time and the webpage viewing area is smaller than their previous browser, I think they may uninstall Firefox. They will not realise there are options to increase the viewing area yourself by re-enabling compact mode and selecting a thinner scrollbar style. Customise mode should have a scrollbar style selector menu along the bottom.

Eg, Toolbars v, Density v, Scrollbars v.