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Sometimes when researching a subject, I'll have multiple tabs open related to that subject. When it comes to the point where I've made all the progress until I can continue at a later date, I want to be able to add all those bookmarks to a new bookmark folder with a few clicks only. Other browsers offer this. Having to make so many clicks to manually do this is tedious and not friendly.

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Hey @doug,

You should already be able to do this. There are a couple options:

  • Open the menu toolbar > Bookmarks > Bookmark all tabs
  • Select multiple tabs (using shift or ctrl + mouse clicks) > Right click > Bookmark tabs

For opening them, you can right-click on the folder and "Open All Bookmarks" (or just select the ones you want and use the context menu).

Hope this helps! If you're looking for something else, let us know.


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While searching through places like youtube and dailymotion, I tend to open files I wish to view in a new tab, but lose track of how many files I have open.  When finally getting to the tabs to begin viewing the videos, I realize how many tabs I have time I had over 50 tabs open, which made firefox crawl to a near halt.  But, I had spent so much time searching for the videos, I wanted to bookmark all of them, putting them into different folders of their individual topic.


When selecting more than one tab (from all available tabs,) offer the ability to "Bookmark selected tabs", this way tabs do not have to be saved one-by-one.  A great timesaver to be able to sort like-themed tabs and bookmark them into separate folders!  While keeping those tabs selected (do not de-highlight them after operation is complete) so that you can now delete all of the selected tabs!

I am using Firefox 111.0 on Windows 7-x64 with a 2.1GHz dual-core processor, 500GB solid-state hard drive (using DiskFresh every 6 months to keep data refreshed and intact) and 8GB RAM.  Still a very snappy laptop after 12 years!