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I'd like to set different Search engines for default and private mode. In Firefox Desktop and mobile.

thanks for your great software 🙂

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You are correct I read an article long ago that made that intimation but looking it up now does not look like it is owned but Microsoft did pay their way into DDG to implement tracking features. Of which there was much backlash and loss of trust from the community. who know now what is implemented and was is not and what backdoor access Microsoft has? 

I think if the funding from Google is needed to continue yes keep as default on normal mode (most users are using) but have #Presearch be the Private mode default search engine. This would be a happy medium protecting users privacy and maintaining funding.


Strollin' around


This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you! HOWEVER it doesn't work on stable firefox for android as about:config is inaccessible on the app so I hope mozilla will offer a solution soon.