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I'd like to set different Search engines for default and private mode. In Firefox Desktop and mobile.

thanks for your great software 🙂

Making moves

This feature is old as world. It was introduced back in 2019:

unfortunately, for some crazy reason it is hidden, like many basic features in firefox now (for example password import from file, despite export still being visible...).

Just enable and set-up whatever you want.

I prefer to use brave in normal mode because I can select my country and get decent results, but it is useless in private mode because I would have to set-up my country every time so I just use google in private mode, where I only have to reject cookies.

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I would like to make Presearch the default search engine or at least a default option to select.
Better search results, decentralized search query results maintains privacy, earn as you search, AI, WEB3, and not Google!

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People don't trust Google. The primary reason people want separate default search engines for regular and private mode is because Google and Bing track you and DuckDuckGo is now owned by Microsoft.

What if you got better results without the tracking from a decentralized web3 search engine. Make Presearch the default search engine and most of these problems are solved. However, with presearch you also will get AI with the same privacy, you can earn crypto for doing your normal search queries, and the results are not curated. You are getting aggregated results from decentralized nodes and eventually presearch's own crawling and community results. Presearch is a game changer to limit Big Tech influence while still leveraging the good side of their results. This should be a simple change and provide dramatic benefits to the Firefox community. 

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piterk, thanks a lot! 😁 That's an amazingly simple option.

I don't understand why Mozilla developers intentionally hide this kind of stuff from users.

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DuckDuckGo is NOT owned by Microsoft. Please don't make up facts.

Google should remain the default search engine because they provide essential funding to the Mozilla Foundation.

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You are correct I read an article long ago that made that intimation but looking it up now does not look like it is owned but Microsoft did pay their way into DDG to implement tracking features. Of which there was much backlash and loss of trust from the community. who know now what is implemented and was is not and what backdoor access Microsoft has? 

I think if the funding from Google is needed to continue yes keep as default on normal mode (most users are using) but have #Presearch be the Private mode default search engine. This would be a happy medium protecting users privacy and maintaining funding.


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This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you! HOWEVER it doesn't work on stable firefox for android as about:config is inaccessible on the app so I hope mozilla will offer a solution soon.