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I have several computers, each with its own iteration of Thunderbird. Just like Chrome and Firefox do for settings and favorites, why can't the address book in Thunderbird be synced so no matter which copy of Thunderbird I open and use, I will have access to all address book entries I've made across all iterations? This is the worst part of using Thunderbird, the frustration of not seeing addresses from another computer's Thunderbird. I really don't understand why this flaw is allowed to exist.

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Definately would be great, but I beleive they would need to synced via a central cloud storage. Why can't they just setup sync with google or apple like our cell phones? Security seems simple that way.

Also a simple utility to check accross two TB address books on the same PC to search and delete or merge duplicates . Maybe it can be done in the all addressbooks view? I have imported contacts from multiple sources with too many dupes to fathom doing it manually.

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Agreed!  I was going to post this exact same suggestion again.  I suggested this via chat or email a while ago and was told that it was "coming in a future update."

It has been over a year.  No syncing of email address books over platforms and devices yet...

How hard can this be?

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Hi all, when I originally posted my comment on this topic I was not concerned about syncing TB across more than one device. What I really wished for was syncing to a different address book like Google contacts. My current email client eMclient does this without any problems, so why can't TB go down this route?