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As Password Managers, we're continuously releasing our browser add-on for hundreds of thousands of Firefox users. We propose a solution to allow immediate and hassle-free reversion to a previously approved version of an add-on, without requiring further approvals. In case of any unforeseen incidents or issues with the new release, this functionality would allow developers to swiftly revert to a stable state, ensuring uninterrupted experiences for their users. We believe this proposed enhancement will not only benefit us but mainly contribute to a smoother experience for all Firefox users. Happy to provide further details on how a feature like this could work.

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Making moves

I second this! I'm here because my Win10 machine (I'm typing from my WinXP laptop) made an automatic update (I did NOT know Firefox was updating add-ons automatically and would not have set it that way if it had asked) to an add-on that was working just fine to something that doesn't work AT ALL. I'm turning the Firefox help pages upside down trying to figure out how to roll it back to the previous version and just getting 95% total mismatch to my search terms for my troubles.

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Google just introduced

Hope we can get the same soon on Firefox.