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Making moves
Status: New idea

I’m writing and posting in two different languages. Spellchecking helps to avoid the most obvious mistakes. Therefore when you follow different discussions, you have to switch between dictionaries almost regularly between every one or two postings. To do so, I have to go to the same sub menu twice every time as the sub menu closes after every action:

  • context menu, flip out sub menu, select dictB,
  • context menu, flip out sub menu, unselect dictA.

That’s an annoyingly long procedure, if you have to do it regularly, like switching between tabs or going back and forth in the history.

It would be helpful very, if the sub menu wouldn’t collapse on change, or if the dicts where in a top menu or on the tool toolbar. A radio button approach is also possible, where you would preselect multi or single dict use.

N.B.: It is not helpful to have both dictionaries selected, b/c it would not prevent these specific errors of using words from one language in a text addressing the other one.

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