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Making moves
Status: Delivered

Sometimes websites require special characters or have other parameters. It would be nice to have firefox's password manager take this into account by letting the user control some options for the generation algorithm.

This was also mentioned by @Herobrine in another thread.

Strollin' around

Hi Jon, et al,

This is great. Are you considering a way to adjust the length of the PW as well? It would make them even harder to jail break if their length is unknown, while if Mozilla generated PWs are always X characters long, that might be an easier target.


Hey all,

Latest Firefox Nightly will have special characters in generated passwords!

Please let us know if it breaks any site compatibility. We'll keep working on improving Password Generator, including giving you control over length or quality of generated passwords.

Status changed to: Delivered
Community Manager
Community Manager

Great job all around! This is now available in our latest Firefox Nightly release—check it out.

Looking forward to continuing to collaborate with you all here on Connect 🙌

Making moves

Where are the special signs? The level of passwords that are now is simply unacceptable.

Community Manager
Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

Making moves

Many applications do not accept : ( _ as characters in the password.
So it would be useful to parameterize the generation of the password, the user could choose the set of special characters allowed in the password.