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Status: New idea

Currently the Snipping Tool suggest either "Copy" or "Download" after I make a selection. Would it be a difficult thing to add "Print" as a third option?

At the moment, to print something you have snipped, it has to be pasted into some other program and then run through that program's print system. I understand quite a few people would be using the snipping tool to just put the image elsewhere, but I don't think I would be the only one who would like to send the "snip" straight to the printer dialogue.

I am aware that this functionality is also not available using the Print Screen keyboard button, and I am also confused as to why this doesn't just "print the screen" as it seems to say it will.

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Community Manager

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There are some really interesting overlaps between Screenshots and Printing. I suspect a lot of time they are being used to meet the same use cases - produce an archivable and sharable snapshot of some web content. In the print dialog you can print to PDF (or paper obviously), in Screenshots the output is a bitmap (a PNG image). Both are static and durable. PDF is better in some ways as you can still index and extract text content - in an image you need to OCR to get that back out. Though that is a feature we are seeing more and more of, I think its a symptom of a problem very often - its only necessary because bitmaps are often the lowest common denominator as a way to quickly grab, store and share something you ran into on the web.