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Making moves
Status: New idea

Using Nightly I of course get many updates, which is awesome.

I am requesting an option in settings to disable this pop-up


The green dot here  Capture1.PNG  is fine for me, I notice it, and the box sometimes interrupts my tasks.

I know that sounds petty maybe but just the option would be great! I obviously sometimes cannot stop what I am doing, but I have noticed the dot and will do so later on, so do not require the pop up.

Please give us the option to remove the popup.

Thanks :))

inb4 "if u dont want to update why use nightly", i do update, just not that instant, but of course within that day or even hour lol

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New member

Ya this is a real issue Mozilla will do nothing to fix. I've searched through the about:config setting and through windows registry and cant find anything that works. I used to think Mozilla was a user friendly browser but this is so intrusive that i may be done with firefox. Tor browser here i come.