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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Background: We can't see/check Installed Add-ons on Add-ons Page if we're offline. It understandable if we need to be online to see Add-ons Collection, but not if we just want to see already Installed Add-ons.

Ideas/Suggestions: At least allow us to see/toggle/do common tasks with our Installed Add-ons on Add-on Page when we're offline.

Status changed to: New idea
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This works for me if I have recently loaded the add-ons page. Add-ons displayed in airplane mode.Add-ons displayed in airplane mode.

Strollin' around

Yes, but still, we need to Online first to fetch the data.

Try these;

- Turn off network, move away from Firefox, wait few minutes (some devices will close Firefox instead) then try to open Add-ons manager again.
- Fresh restart Firefox (like after device restart) then try to open Add-ons Manager when Network still off.

The current representation assume internet will always on.

I admit and aware, it does seem a Low Priority idea.