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Status: New idea

Have the ability to make nameable folders for holding similar add-ons and/or extensions for easy of navigation, similar to the bookmarks toolbar.

My current use for this: Putting my various coupon add-ons into a singular location.

Possible creative detail: Allow users to alter individual folder icons or the folders' color for better visual differentiation.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

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I was just about to write the same Idea when I saw someone already posting it 🙂

For people who use Extensions which need to be individually set up for each page and want to have a clean interface, this would be a blessing.

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Was trying to find out if foldered extensions are possible in Firefox, when I stumbled upon this thread. Hope it's being made available!

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@hyourikuOh yes having the ability to Just have a set of Plugins/add-ons active for specific sets of pages would be great. Just to View or hide a group of Add-Ons would be "just enough" for first.

I have really a bunch of Add-Ons installed were a few are just relevant for specific task.

One important Group would be Ad-blocker and privacy related.
Another group would be website inspection and developer tools.
Additional there are the group of page adjustment tool like light/dark switching, Reader View(s), Toggle objects on webpages (add or remove or hide as buttons)....
Or how @Gööse mentioned all the Notification Add-Ons for coupons and so on.

You can Imagine that !
In Previous old FF versions there were multiple Toolbars you can add. Problem was they always take one full wide of the window. But if there is still code and API inside FF to  hide and show alternative toolbars as well as move the activation-Icon of the add-on to some of them would give a (more easy) solution to bring that feature alive.


Making moves

Yes great idea 👍

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Why hasn't this idea been implemented yet? It'd really clean up the clutter of my toolbar with how many extensions I use.