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Status: New idea

sites are getting wiser about cookie privacy countermeasures.

there are sites you want to browse without being tracked at all during a browsing session, which requires blocking first party cookies. (URL cookie-like parameters can be dealt with a URL cleaner if deemed necessary.) but some sites are starting to disable page loads if cookies are blocked. this means that they force you to choose "allow for session" cookie lifetime for that site, when what you really want to choose is "blocked".

i propose a new cookie lifetime choice, "allow for page load", to thwart those sites trying to strong-arm you into giving up privacy.

the purpose is twofold: to give users a useful countermeasure to block an emerging tracking style, and more importantly, to send a clear message to website operators that attacks on privacy will be deal with swiftly and effectively. if at all possible, websites should not be allowed to recover their developing investments when they attempt attacks on privacy.


PS. example website that block page loads when cookies are blocked:

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  • No cookie setting will prevent the site you're browsing from tracking you. Sites can and do use their own servers to keep access and usage logs
  • There's no privacy risk in accepting first-party cookies
  • Third-party cookies were a problem because ad companies could re-use a single cookie, for instance, to save a list of sites you accessed. Firefox has made this impossible. Third-party cookies are now isolated by default
  • If you really want to delete all cookies as soon as you close a tab, use Temporary Containers