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Common Voice is a Mozilla project that builds datasets for speech recognition systems, in it's collection it has low resource, vulnerable and endangered languages, that have little representation in the digital world.

Adding a search by voice to Firefox, would provide a simple voice service for these languages.

Beside the good cause, with this blue ocean strategy, Firefox might have a comeback. The browser's red market already has tons of players, where as the voice search for disadvantaged languages is a blue market that ideally Mozilla would be the only player or there would be few players with no giant players. This is a new market waiting to be captured that giants would not bother to enter.

Let me know what you think?
What are the possible benefits if any?
Do you use search by voice more often on your smart phone, tablet, notebook, PC?

Best Regards,

Here is a screenshot of this feature in Chrome:


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Hi all,

how's this idea going? I've been using Firefox for years but now with a broken hand a speech-to-text feature in FF would be very appreciated. I've recently switched to Google Chrome because of my condition, but I wouldn't like it to last.

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voice searches and commands

it would be useful to be able to dictate searches by voice, or other browser functions to be able to control them by voice

sarebbe utile poter dettare a voce le ricerche, oppure altre funzioni del browser poterle comandare sempre a voce


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voice search

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Search by voice would be very helpful to users with disabilities. It would definitely benefit user who are sight-impaired and those with motor skill limitations.

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@Nart you wrote right in Chrome, this is firefox, is there a reason it can't be used in firefox ? and especially in the Desktop version ?

@SamratPaul in linux not exist

and I agree with @Seamaiden  because it could really make a difference


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Add voice search like chrome - Agregar busqueda por voz como Chrome

Agregar boton para busqueda por voz como en android o en chrome

Making moves

This function consists in voice typing in the search string.

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It is inconvenient for the search engine to have no microphone
Strollin' around

Please add this feature. Sometimes, I just want to browse the web without typing.

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