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Status: In development

There are many languages in different places of the world. Currently, Firefox Translations doesn't provide succinct languages for people outside of Europe, the US and the UK. Please make sure to add more languages, especially significant ones, before starting to train Firefox Translations' neural networks. You have probably started already, but please make sure to add more languages.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Jeppie @Pharan thanks for bringing this up - let me touch base with the Translations team to see where we are with this and what's next

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As others have mentioned, East Asian languages are necessary for me as well. Simplified and traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean are used on a daily basis.
Above all, the icon of this translation add-on depicts the Japanese hiragana "あ".

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks all for jumping in this thread 🙌

We are looking into adding more languages for our translations feature and will use Connect as a space for people to show support for a given language. So be sure to vote and share your feedback in the specific language threads - here are some examples...

Support Chinese translations 

Japanese translate option in firefox translations 

Support Korean translations 

Support Hindi translations 

Support Greek translations 

...and more!

If you can't find a post for a desired language, please submit your own in the Ideas section. We look forward to working with you all on this very important feature 😀

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@Jonis your latest reaction from this post and the new languages post ideas the answer for me and pharan?

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> Above all, the icon of this translation add-on depicts the Japanese hiragana "あ".

yes, No doubt.

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You know, it would be rather helpful if there was a bug on this to track. Something else to point to that the idea has been gaining or losing traction