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Status: New idea

My personal domain name just got reported to by Google Safe Browsing, I know my domain name is safe so I would like to to add an exception for it. I think it was reported because I recently added cloudfront proxy in front of it

At the moment, the only way to bypass the big red "Deceptive Site ahead" is to completely disable to protection.

I would like to add an exception to allow my domain to not show the red screen.

Relevant documentation:


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Community Manager

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New member

I'm facing the same issue. One of my domains has been added to Google's Safe Browsing blacklist. I suspect someone mistook it for a phishing attack because it's just a default Jellyfin login page. Reporting a false detection achieved nothing.

Please add an option to make exceptions to the phishing and malware protection and please make it available to the mobile versions of Firefox.

On desktop you can click "ignore the risk" or disable "Block dangerous and deceptive content" from the security settings altogether but on the Android version of Firefox there is no way to circumvent the block. In my case this is a minor inconvenience (because Jellyfin offers both a desktop and an Android app) but for a security researcher who might want to deliberately visit malicious websites on various platforms this is a deal breaker.