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Strollin' around
Status: In review

I think it would be helpful if it was possible to add custom fields (or a textarea for notes) to stored passwords to securely store additional information (like security questions, customer support pins, etc.)

Additionally it would be nice to be able to store and sync other credentials and information in Firefox, that don't link to websites, like (recovery-)keys for BitLocker/TrueCrypt/LUKS-LVM partitions, WiFi Passwords and Credit Cards. Of cause you won't have auto-fill, etc., but it wouldn't cause any harm to have more like a "Firefox secure wallet"...

Strollin' around

I was about to create a new suggestion but yours addresses mine👏 I'd like to be able to add a comment to each password so I agree this is a good idea. Hopefully it will be added in the future.

Making moves

ok, now its 2023 and more than 100 kudos ... and still this is missing from stable ... just sad.
POV:Mozilla ``Why add something useful people want ... when you can add instead 10mio+ pocket integrations``

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Personal notes in password manager

Hi Mozilla team,

I have been using the Firefox password manager for years. Sometimes I feel the need to make personal notes to a password entry but there is no box to put in some information

Could you add a box to put in and save personal notes?

Thanks a lot


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Well comments since 03-25-2022 06:54 PM and still nothing being done about it!

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No argument with @Musicman ....

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Seconding the notion of a searchable notes field.  Simple, and it would let me find which health portal I should use for which practice.  Thanks.

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about:logins - optional personal labels

It would be great, if users could add an optional personal label, hint or remark to the saved access data that shows up, with the autofill usernames at login forms.

Thanks for all your great work you've done!

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I don't know if this will ever be integrated, I still use the lockwise app on mobile as it's easier than the browser to copy/paste passwords (having to go to submenu is not cool, like having to go to 3 or 4 submenu to access to the desktop bookmark isn't cool)

but they say they didn't support lockwise safety update anymore (making passwords unsafe i guess)

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Having comment field in password manager


Its very usefull to have comment text edit field in password manager, because sometimes we need to write some details or security comments about that website/server.

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Password Selection menu to the additional field for comment

Logging through the password menu is very useful. I would suggest an additional field for own comment.

I always have the problem when log in, if it is only possible with number, then I do not know which number belongs to which account.

I hope you understand me

Community Manager
Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have merged into this thread)

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Its great idea, so we can save more things about that account 🤗

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Any updates when it would be implemented?


@TroopI can not answer when, but I can tell this is what team is working on as we speak.

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Well that is good news at least it is now moving.  Seems like everywhere is now using twin proof of ID.
Could you throw into the pot the idea that an enumerated pass phrase box is also included - to cover the likes of:
please enter 4th 8th and 12th letters from your passphrase.