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Strollin' around
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I think it would be helpful if it was possible to add custom fields (or a textarea for notes) to stored passwords to securely store additional information (like security questions, customer support pins, etc.)

Additionally it would be nice to be able to store and sync other credentials and information in Firefox, that don't link to websites, like (recovery-)keys for BitLocker/TrueCrypt/LUKS-LVM partitions, WiFi Passwords and Credit Cards. Of cause you won't have auto-fill, etc., but it wouldn't cause any harm to have more like a "Firefox secure wallet"...

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Exactly what I was trying to explain.
The solution proposed in a print by user Marco85 was exactly what I was referring to.
I hope the realization is taken into consideration because it is really always but at the same time useful.

If there is a way to vote for the implementation of this change, please let me know, I will be happy to do so.

thanks and good job

Strollin' around

Also, add the ability to add a title to the login. The URL is not always descriptive enough for me to rapidly identify the the login that I want to use. Titles for the logins would help me a lot.

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editable tags for password-manager

so one could add a name for a saved username/password for a certain domain.

For example  i have to manage 3 accounts for my kids of the local library but they give only numbers for user accounts. With a name-tag i could identfy them without knowing the numbers by heart.

Thank you

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Making moves

Hi, how is the feature coming along? When will this possibly be delivered?

Firefox Firefox Mobile @Jon 

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Remember the password and add a nickname note

It is recommended to remember the password and add a nickname note. When I encounter a user with a mobile phone number in the developer version browser, I don't know which one to use when saving multiple user logins

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Yes, this is a needed feature! Just a text box would be nice.

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it would be handy to have a "Comment" box in the password management pages, to be able to note something related to the concerned identifier.

Best regards,

J. Gravelin

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This issue affects me. I have resorted to the practice of creating entries like


Either when firefox does not offer to save a password I enter into an android app, or when the password is too hard to find because the real URL is not memorable and not auto-detected. Now when firefox does not automatically find the user/password, I can search "foobar" and find it.

A text field would be a better solution

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Wholeheartedly agree.  A number of the stored password entries have URLs that don't in any way provide even a CLUE to which website this entries is for.  So I have to either take a shot and use the entry to see if it's the one that gets me to the site I want, or I have to keep my own list for websites with obscure URLs so that I can avoid the wasted time of hunting around with the "take a shot" method (plus the time wasted in composing/updating my own list, remembering which sites that I need to use this list before selecting the proper saved password entry, etc.).

And the MOST IMPORTANT part of this suggestion -- when this new "optional info" field HAS been used, make it visible on the pane which shows all the stored entries (or AT LEAST have an INDICATOR on the pane that indicates that this entry HAS optional data).  It shouldn't be necessary on Mozilla's part to go through the task of providing the optional text field but not showing it (or indicating on the pane which shows all the stored entries) that optional information is available -- since the result of not showing (or at least indicating the presence of) optional information would only result in generating further requests to Mozilla the users' frustration of having an optional information field but wasting time by hunting around with the "take a shot" method to find WHICH entries contain the useful optional data.

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*This is automatically translated from Japanese using the DeepL translation tool

Can we set a name for the login and password items that you can set yourself?
Currently, the web title is automatically retrieved and used as the name, but the site names of multi-account and login sites are often not similar to the original account to be logged in, making it difficult to understand.
To improve this, can we add a separate item to the web title that gives a title that is easy to understand and sort through?
Furthermore, it would contribute to search and usability if it were possible to separate the tags as well.


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I agree with as a minimum a textbox where you could keep a hint to your secondary login as more and more sites ask for a few letters selected from a memorable word or from a PIN.

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Friendly user names in Firefox Password Manager

Firefox Password Manager stores the site name or URL, user name and password.  Many sites are now providing the user name, automatically, as an alpha-numeric string, which is fine if you have only one account connected to that URL. But if you have multiple accounts, e.g., which uses a common login, i.e "", it's difficult to remember which login belongs to which application.

What is needed is the ability to supply a "friendly name". e.g "Driving Licence", "Tax" etc, so it is obvious which one to select. The correct user name and password woud then be provided.

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Been suggesting more or less this for a number of years.

I guess devs are too bust with security issues, no surprise.

I moved on to Enpass as it has the multiple fileds and the extension.

Without the ability to use edit or add notes to a URL, password are utterly useless, especial when multiple accts are in the same website.  Banks, government, etc.