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Status: New idea

Hi, I'd like to suggest adding the option to Attach (General) Files in Thunderbird in the To-Do, Calendar, and Contacts. Since this is simply accessing Local Files on the PC and does not require uploading anywhere, there should not be too much of a limit. The idea is mostly for being able to attach images to a To Do or in an Event in the Calendar. Images can be very useful tools so I am sure the use-cases are plentiful. Also being able to attach files in general (such as txt, pdf, etc) to Calendar/To Do/Contacts can be very useful for many people. This would turn Thunderbird into more than just a mail client, but the ultimate Go-To Organizer. I really want Thunderbird to be my Go-To Organizer but the fact that uploading (or at least linking local files) is not possible puts a bit of a limit. There is one more thing I should probably mention in another idea submission that is keeping Thunderbird from being my ultimate Go-To organizer which is RSS Feed being limited but I will go in depth with this in another posting. I thank you all for your hard work and contribution and for taking the time to read this. Please consider my idea! Thanks

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I agree 100%. Adding local attachments to an event would be great.

Seems to be very difficult, though. A bug report was opened... 22 years ago (!!!), last contribution was 1 year ago :