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In older versions of Firefox, when you tried using Incognito Mode, it would just simply open up a new window, which allowed you to easily switch between regular windows and whatever you need to find in Incognito, however, when 106.0 came out, it seems that they decided to make it so that Incognito opens up a program instead, which, in my opinion, is kinda annoying as it makes it harder for me to switch windows on the fly, and I don't want another program popping up in my taskbar, so I think it would be a nice option to allow for us to open Incognito in a window like older versions, while also allowing the Incognito program option for people who like it, whether it's in the settings, or if it's an option within the application window.

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Community Manager

Also please feel free to share this feedback and more ideas for improving the private windows/browsing experience in a discussion hosted by our Product Team. Link here:

Private window changes in Firefox 106 - Give us your feedback! 

Looking forward to continue collaborating with you all 🙌