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After having websites that I am visiting on a daily basis, I am still searching ways to separate home page which is a search engine and other pages to load on the startup.(Yes, I know there is a thread for this but not solving my problem) The pages I am expecting to load during startup are not considered as homepage. Homepage is just a search engine. Edge, nor Chrome does this easily. I don't think it's going to be too much problematic to have this option.

On the other hand, while opening a web page by clicking middle button on the mouse or right click and selecting open in a new tab from a folder at the bookmarks tab, please have an option to open them at the background tab. I want to open several pages at the same time by staying at the current screen but each time I click on the page, it immediately directs me to that one and expect me to click pages one by one which is really tiring and unefficient way to do that. These 2 reasons are leading me to use another browser while I am a user of Firefox since the beginning and I would like to continue using Firefox. Therefore, please consider my ideas.

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Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

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I was finally be able to solve the problem with the middle button issue while opening pages from bookmark toolbar as a background tab and not switch to them immediately. It was some settings at the about:config page. However, the problem continues about the home and startup pages. I am respecting Mozilla Community and defining them really crucial for better, safer and free for internet. Please consider this option again and bring back the ability to separate home and startup pages.