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Making moves
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Is there a way to update the junk control setting for a specific sender?

I receive a monthly health report from my car's app service.  Problem is that it always ends up in the Junk folder.  I have repeatedly used the "Mark As Not Junk" option via the menus and the "Spam" column indicator.  Each time the email goes back to my Inbox only to be resent back to the Junk folder within minutes.  I have been doing this for at least one year but to no avail.

Is there a way to edit the Junk Controls data to ensure that a specific sender is permanently not considered Junk/Spam?

If not, would it be possible to get a feature like that?

IIRC, I could add the sender to my address book/contact list but I would rather not have a bunch of "donotoreply" address book entries. I just want the Junk Controls to remember the sender in some sort of internal white list.




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Making moves

Looking into this some more and I thought that maybe my provider was doing the "Junking".  So went to their webmail server without having Thunderbird open.  I was able to designate the emails as not junk and they did not automatically return to the Junk folder. 

I then opened Thunderbird but stayed on the webmail window.  Sure enough, right after I did this those emails were back in my Junk folder.  I repeated this multiple times with different delays and pauses.  Thunderbird consistently redirected the emails to the junk folder even after repeated "Mark As Not Junk" efforts.

Please fix this so I can selectively "white list" senders that I trust.  How hard can that be?  In fact, my provider's webmail allows me to do just that (mark as Trusted Sender).  Then the Junk Controls can be updated and this problem would go away. 

I donate to Thunderbird and/or Mozilla and would really appreciate having this basic feature.