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Making moves
Status: In review

This would allow for Electron-like frameworks that work on top of Gecko and SpiderMonkey instead of Chromium via CEF.

It would also be good for embedding webpages in desktop applications. As it stands, CEF is the go to for this along with some WebKit-based options like WPE.

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I really want something like this. Please.

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If this idea is considered, I think the objective should be to implement it how Webview2 is in terms of functionality instead of CEF because the later is much more heavy on resources usage compared to the former.

Making moves

I hope this happens.  It's been in review for quite a while now, have there been any changes/updates about this since?

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I don't think there's ever been a better time to start making major pushes for this given all the current hype around the ECMA/JavaScript ecosystem; it would be great if developers had a choice over libcef.

Letting us use Gecko instead of just Chromium would mean that big companies like Google and Apple aren't the only ones deciding how the web works. It's about giving developers choices and keeping the web open for everyone.

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Hey, guys,

I would like to comment on this if this feature is developed here, perhaps a commercial advantage for Mozilla Firefox. Because most programs I use the structure called "electron" (which chromium - which is the open source alternative to google chrome browser) with html/css/js. Perhaps with these features, developers can use the gecko in the application development environment (Electron) or have an alternative with this - chromium and gecko options.

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is there an update? since chrome is getting more garbage from time to time, and google is ruining it even more. gecko could make an perfect replacement for embedded browser engines. im really looking forward to see some impact.

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This is pure speculation, but I think Mozilla isn't allowed (by the big players maybe?!) to implement this, in order to stop Firefox from being way too popular!
Why else wouldn't Mozilla give this issue a high priority?

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For anyone not old enough to remember the days when Gecko embedding was a thing:

And when it was abandoned:

The reasons were described back then, question is if such limitations are still limiting today.


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There is servo which is designed to be embeddable, but it's far away from being usable, so hope Gecko will finally become embeddable, I would be happy to develop applications and game UIs based on it.