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Making moves
Status: In review

This would allow for Electron-like frameworks that work on top of Gecko and SpiderMonkey instead of Chromium via CEF.

It would also be good for embedding webpages in desktop applications. As it stands, CEF is the go to for this along with some WebKit-based options like WPE.

New member

is there an update? since chrome is getting more garbage from time to time, and google is ruining it even more. gecko could make an perfect replacement for embedded browser engines. im really looking forward to see some impact.

Strollin' around

This is pure speculation, but I think Mozilla isn't allowed (by the big players maybe?!) to implement this, in order to stop Firefox from being way too popular!
Why else wouldn't Mozilla give this issue a high priority?

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For anyone not old enough to remember the days when Gecko embedding was a thing:

And when it was abandoned:

The reasons were described back then, question is if such limitations are still limiting today.