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This idea Came to me when I was trying to turn off dark reader this morning, on Firefox android it takes 5 clicks to change it back and forth.

On Samsung internet, which has its own built in dark mode function, takes only 2 clicks

Now I only use this as an example, could be usefull for ad blockers or really any add on.

Having it so they can have toggles in the add on drawer or even "higher up", existing in the drop down menu, could improve user experience as for stuff like dark reader or ublock, all I need to do is toggle it for night time or sites that don't like ad blockers

Alternative could be having them when clicked instead of entering a "pseudo" window of their own, taking up the whole screen.

instead go into a space roughly the same size as add-ons or menu tray. So one can still see the page their on, for dark reader and read aloud this would be quite usefull I think.

Now for configuring of these add ons a full pseudo window would still work great but for quick toggling of things it's not the best way.



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