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Status: New idea

I think we could use a rollback option in case an update breaks something necessary to the user , and then a feedback option directly referencing that rollback asking why it was necessary so that Mozilla can possibly address it.

Status changed to: New idea
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New member

This is a much needed feature, I got automatically updated to 110 yesterday and it logs me out of everything several times a day... which is annoying.

update managerupdate manager

Please add an option to this Window to allow users to go back to a previous version without having to backup all logins and bookmarks, then having to completely remove Firefox from their system to install an archive version that works properly.

New member

a rollback is needed since version 30!! today i started the xp firefox and the update simply dynamited the entire browser and has 0% of chance to work again, killed himself and has no way to restore or fix, i lost 10+ years of app that we can't donwload anymore and the profile that is not possible to restore too, one of biggest autodestructions of all times, anyone can undestand the size of this chaos? and hey... mozilla learned that from microsoft?? and the auto update was off, the browser made it from nothing.

the auto update should come set as OFF as standard to be safe, auto update of anything is the current biggest CANCER of modern internet, harm more than help, 99% of times damage our work than do something else. auto update have to be internationally prohibited by law!