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When using Firefox View and the new paging process, it was found that there are similarities between the two, and the Firefox View page utilization is relatively low. So suggestion 1: Integrate these two pages into one page, or you can adopt another suggestion 2: Merge all the content in the new tab into the Firefox View page, and use the Firefox View page as a fixed page [personally strongly recommend this (This kind of fixed page situation is: even after closing the new page and other pages - Firefox View is still retained; or after closing the new page and all other pages, it will automatically return to the Firefox View page - unless the browser is closed. ), when a new page is opened, the content of the page remains unchanged and continues to be used as a normal page. Hope this suggestion will be adopted and used by you.

在使用Firefox View和新分页过程时发现这两者存在相似,而且Firefox View页面利用率比较低。所以建议一:整合下这两个页面合并为一个页面,或者可以采纳另一个建议二:将新分页里的内容全部合并到Firefox View页面,并以Firefox View页作为一个固定页面【个人强烈建议此种】(这种固定页面情况是:即使关闭新分页、其他页面后-Firefox View也还保留着;或是关闭新分页、其他全部页面后自动回到Firefox View页面----除非关闭浏览器),当一个新分页开启后页面内容依旧保持不变,作为正常的页面继续使用。希望此建议会为你们所采纳、使用。

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