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Dear [Browser Developer Team],

As a dedicated user of your browser, I am writing to express my strong support for the addition of a second sidebar. This feature would greatly improve my overall browsing experience and provide me with more flexibility and convenience.

Having the ability to open multiple sources of information simultaneously in a second sidebar would allow me to easily compare data, reference material, and switch between tasks with ease. This would save me time and increase my productivity, as I would no longer have to constantly switch between tabs.

Furthermore, the addition of a second sidebar would also benefit the add-ons I use on a daily basis. With the ability to utilize the second sidebar, add-ons would be able to provide me with even more tools and resources, such as translation tools, news feeds, and social media widgets, in a convenient and streamlined manner.

I believe that the addition of a second sidebar would be a valuable addition to your browser and would greatly enhance the user experience. I urge you to consider implementing this feature in future updates.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

New member

The sidebar for Firefox will be an excellent addtion to improve productivity. On the day-to-day basis this kind of simple solutions improve a lot the use of the browser by allowing to have multiples websites running at the same screen (for example: web meetings, web calendar, spotify, money exchange, bitcoins monitoring, etc).

Best regards for all!

Strollin' around

@KERR  Yeah, several browsers have adopted the "sidebar with many functions" design pattern, and it's really great. Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, just to name a few. I think it's about time Firefox adopts the same pattern.

Strollin' around

I think the requests for this feature hint at a deeper need for more ways to interact with certain websites.

Pinned tabs are handy, but already there are browsers (e.g. Vivaldi and Opera) experimenting with novel and interesting ways to interact with the browser and websites. I mean, have you seen those sidebars? Opening WhatsApp, Telegram, a Thesaurus and sometimes even Wikipedia just to the left of the tab I'm currently seeing was so, so useful and just... nice.

It was genuinely one of the hardest things to drop when I migrated to Firefox. No offense to the developers, I really respect all the work you do :^) but I'm here in no small part due to ideological reasons.

I don't really want or need a second sidebar, but I would greatly appreciate a better one.

Just a stray thought I had scrolling through the ideas.


New member

Floorp (based on Firefox) does this.

New member

Activated account to comment on this. I would love a second sidebar. I personally use Bitwarden password manager which supports sidebar, but I also prefer to always have history open on Sidebar for quickly getting references for research. I would love to be able to see both of these utilities at the same time. Have plenty of screen real estate these days so no issue there. 

Thank You,

Adam Sowder

Making moves

okay this would be pretty cool