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Making moves
Status: New idea

I keep my all passwords in firefox. SMS is insecure for 2-FA. Having to install second app for 2fa is cumborsome. If this can be done securely, it would be best if TOTP codes could be managed via Lockwise, giving it feature parity with standalone password managers.

Status changed to: New idea
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@dineshdb  that is a good suggestion! I've filed a Bug 1773857 to implement this. Can't promise anything at this moment, but we will consider it for sure!

Not applicable

Authentication applications are compatible with each other, so if you have one you already use, you may be able to use it. Note that I have confirmed that Microsoft Authenticator can be used. However, I cannot promise that this method is secure.

Making moves

@Anonymousthis one is about firefox itself acting as a replacement for Microsoft Authenticator. Since the data in Firefox servers are end to end encrypted, it can safely act as a sync for TOTP secrets.

Strollin' around

We could have the browser autosuggest the TOTP when the input box appears as well just like passwords.