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Youtube Video Playback Has Deteriorated...

Making moves

... to the point where anything above 1080p is unplayable. This is on 120.08b (64-bit) Windows 10 and has gotten progressively worse over the past week to the point where a video played (full screen or windowed) at 1440 or higher will stop dead, data will still be coming in, but will not render to the screen - or restart without reloading the page.

I've done all the things including updating to the latest video drivers, refreshed Firefox, tried in SAFE MODE... nothing works.

This is beginning to show up on other forums so I don't know if it's a YT problem or a Firefox problem.


Making moves

I think this is a google corporate issue. It's their attempt to frustrate users into signing their paid subscription service (related to ad blockers). I don't have the proof, but it seems to be the case, every few videos a popup disrupts the viewing.

That is possible as the problems began right around the time UBlock was attacked by YouTube. I have a help ticket into Youtube as well so let's see if they ever respond.

Youtube premium with no adblockers still stutters and skips with poor buffers

Making moves

Sure seems firefox related because if i use microsoft edge it works fine. Any further updates on this topic?

I switched from Starlink to fiber and the problems went away.