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What is going on with Firefox?

Making moves

Google is a monopoly.  Now you have You Tube and who knows what else.  I always thought that Firefox was

an independent browser, but  now every time I use my firefox Google knows about it.  I am looking for a truly independent  browser.

Taken note how much privacy you have with google, and even Turbo tax.  Why do we need to send our private info to an independent company like turbo tax?  I wonder how many crooks and scammers get info from companies like google, Facebook and turbo tax.  We need to get back to a great degree of privacy and not all this so called easy tech garbage on phones, etc.

What about what the government did to President Trump.  No warning just went into his home and searched for something.  Who knows maybe they planted it and showed it to the nosy media.  I wonder what we could do if it happened to any of us, since he was the President.!!  Lets search the owners of google, Facebook, all Senators, CEOs of companies that own too much of America including Gates, etc. Americans we are getting these guys too much freedom without accountability.

Even the spending of our tax dollars they do not have yet keep borrowing and raising our debt so we cannot pay back at all......look out college are being set up for sure. Vote now and pay n pay later.



Firefox is an independent browser. What connections are you seeing between Firefox and Google?

I try -- as much as possible -- to stay signed out of my Google account when I'm browsing. But I do need to check that email from time to time...