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Will dormant accounts be automatically deleted?

Making moves

Now I have encountered a very difficult problem (for obsessive-compulsive disorder):
1. I forgot the login password for my Firefo account (registered using QQ mailbox)
2. I don’t remember exactly what I did, which caused Google Authenticator to be unbound from my Firefox account, and then I couldn’t get the 6-digit dynamic verification code.
3. After resetting the password, I still cannot log in because I cannot obtain the dynamic verification code from Google Authenticator.
4. Therefore, the bookmarks, extensions and other data I have saved in this account cannot be retrieved. But at this time, my email account cannot be used to register a new Firefo account, so I must register a new email address. It's really complicated and terrible. Maybe Mozilla thinks this plays an important role in account protection.
5. My suggestion: Accounts that have not been logged in or used for more than 6 months will be automatically deleted so that I can use this email address to register a Firefo account again after that.