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Why will you not allow us to change our pref.js (or about:config) settings...

Making moves

Title says it all.   But just in case someone tries to play dumb or doesn't understand what I mean:

By the way, that person's issue may have been resolved with a fresh install of a higher build, but that was 6 years ago... This is still happening.

This is being asked all around the web, with multiple instances of the same essential question here in Mozilla Support.  What is the point of allowing an end user access to `about:config` if you don't allow them to actually do anything with it.

There is no `user.js`.  There is a `prefs.js`.  `prefs.js` is being consistently overwritten (replaced) in my profile folder (probably thousands of times per session).  I even attempted to change permission levels of the file, but Mozilla gives no !@$#$ - they will ignore or take over my system preferences as well.


How is this acceptable?  As end-users of a product we choose to use, we should not be subject to what Mozilla thinks is the right way to use the product and be locked from setting preferences with a self-healing/replacing configuration file.  If you don't want to cede control of what we use, don't provide it!

Linux; Ubuntu-based distro; updated FF(121.0) installed/re-installed from 64-bit tarball obtained from; started because I was trying to change my address bar's behavior where it showed a pinned google/amazon before anything else in the drop-down. 


Looking for a non-b.s., acceptable answer to the question "why?"  Also looking for any known work-around to allow me to take back control of my system's resources and applications which I chose to install (stupidly enough, it seems).