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Why not use Markdown in a plain text editor for posting on

Making moves

I just tried posting on for the first time - I think it is great I can log in with other providers there, having to have a "Firefox" account irritates me to no end.

Except, writing a post here is PAINFUL - you write in "rich text" directly, and then if a copy/paste gets messed up, you have to click three dots below the "Subject" until you can see that [HTM] ("Source code") button - and they you have to edit HTML:


There is no quoting either, so if you want something similar, you have to paste your text, then edit HTM, then insert <blockquote>...</blockquote> tags manually; same for inline code (actually, inline code is impossible, if you add `<code>` tags, you get "Your post has been changed because invalid HTML was found in the message body. The invalid HTML has been removed. Please review the message and submit the message when you are satisfied.". Well, thank you Mozilla, for making the posting process so difficult! May I suggest getting rid of the posting altogether, and getting back to snail mail? That would make posting even more difficult - if that is your goal! 🙂 )

In short, writing posts like this is painful. There is something called which makes writing posts easier - why not have a button on this editor, maybe just called [MD], when you click it you get a plain text editor, where you can type Markdown? And when you paste an image, you automatically get a textual Markdown link, like in the Stack Overflow or Github implementations ...