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Why does FF run multiple windows in the background?

Making moves

Firefox has been around for years, yet their developers still can't resolve the same issues that's been around for years.

With the recent updates for the past few months FF is simply riddled with problems. First, its become extremely slow, it won't run videos without the same tag having to be open, however it constantly runs multiple tabs in the background playing the audio even when you've closed ALL tabs....I have ONE tab open yet task manager shows 13, 15, 12 and if I make sure to close all tabs, FF shuts down. When I open one tab again, once more multiple tabs open in the background. Turning off the multi-process [browser.tabs.remote.autostart] it still runs a constant stream of multiple tabs in the background.

I can't keep constantly resetting settings in config every single time FF does an update, which seem to be on a weekly basis. It would be a fulltime job!

I've forgotten the massive long list of issues as there are so many.