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Why are you banning Russian media addons? Can't I choose anymore what to read?

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Why did you ban this extension? Nobody forced me to install it. I read news from different providers, the one that tell the Western lies, the ones that tell the Russian lies, then I form my opinion.

Are you going to force me to install CNN / BBC addons only? Are you going to disallow me from even going to RT's website?

What happened to the freedom?

This is totally unacceptable, to start banning media sites and addons just because you feel so. This is about the freedom of information, and the freedom to choose where to read from.

By taking part in these efforts, you make me think that you were sold to the US government in the efforts of pursuing the "One truth, ours".

I've been using Firefox since the early versions because I want freedom and privacy. This is not freedom.


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I'm seriously considering switching to another browser from firefox, which I've been using since its first release.
Mozilla is turning into an organization that betrays its debut values!

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Alright, so, assuming you're a good-faith internet user who legitimately values the freedom to follow different news sources, I have a solution for you.

One: either install a RSS Reader extension from the addons page (FeedBro and Livemarks both possess recommended badging) or use some other kind of RSS Reader program (application, live web-service, etc).

Two: Go to this link. Right click on the RSS button for whichever feed you prefer, and copy that link.

Three: Go into your preferred RSS reader, and subscribe to that web link.

Ta-da! You can still read your questionable Russian News Source.

Also, Firefox itself clearly isn't blocking access to the RT website itself, so even if you can't wrap your head around RSS readers, you can still read from the actual site itself.

Whether Firefox wants "official" extensions representing Russian Media Outlets on their Add-Ons page is up to them, but they aren't stopping you from accessing RT. They're just stopping you from accessing it in a outdated manner (seriously, why anyone would still use individual extensions for individual news sources is a mystery. A good RSS reader is all you need).

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Don't worry, my technical knowledge is sufficient.
But that's not the point!

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Yes, you're only allowed to read the US-approved propaganda but not the Russian one. Pretty sure this comment won't even be approved lol