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Why does Mozilla use AddThis (Oracle) services when they are not available in all countries?

Making moves

Hello, it is ironic that an organization like Mozilla, which tries to defend the rights of all netizens, uses the services of companies like Oracle.

I understand the situation, Oracle, more than a partner, also contributes to the Mozilla organization (along with other big ones), it is Mozilla's right to receive support from others for us, the netizens, but unfortunately Oracle blocked access to its services and global platform to countries like Venezuela (due to the political problem between Venezuela and the USA), and well, something as simple as sharing information (in this case, sharing content from Mozilla Connect), is ridiculously impossible (and obviously, Mozilla is left without statistical data a little more exact).

So I'd like the folks at Mozilla Connect to consider using another service that allows them to get stats (because that's what they did) without affecting us netizens.

Thank you very much for your attention and continue to offer more options to contribute ideas to your projects.