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White Bar at the top on Firefox desktop while watching netflix in Full screen

Making moves


Issue same as title



Making moves

If you can see those controls then you are not in full screen , if it won't resolve then your mouse is moving , maybe by itself ,it has to be still .idle.


Quest_Abyss's picture only illustrates the problem if the picture itself is viewed full screen.

Making moves

It is not about the controls @KarlW ...

Same problem here. Since the last few days there is a 1px white line on the top of netflix fullscreen videos. Can't reproduce it on other websites. Did a full reset of firefox, no change.

This description explains the problem better than the original post.

I'm finding it on The OA S2E1 and E4, but not E2 or E3 for some strange reason.

Ozark S2 at least first three eps.

Not happening on Disney or Prime.

Not happening in Chrome.

Wasn't happening at all last week.

Making moves

Same problem.

Making moves

Same here.

Making moves

This has been driving me mad for many days.

I've found if you zoom out (or in) once, the bar goes away without visibly affecting anything else.

Zoom works for me too 👍 and it seems to work for the duration of the session, even when exiting full screen mode and enter full screen again.

Worked for Me today 2024-03-19 Thanks.

Making moves

Sometimes I'm able to make it a darker blue-grey shade which is way more tolerable than the white bar and I wonder if that was why, as I've had trouble recreating it. Will give that a go though, thanks.

Making moves

I have the Same Problem in Firefox V123

Making moves

Press Control and use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out until the line is gone.