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4K Content Lock

Making moves

Ok so I know that Firefox currently has no support for 1080p or 4K content for streaming sites like Netflix, Prime Video, or even HBO ETC ETC. What if (assuming they eventually do get the proper codecs and license) you could trick the site to thinking that you have 4K displays so that you can play 4K content regardless what display you have. This would be great for the many people with 2K monitors that are stuck at watching content at 1080p (on the Edge or Safari browser at least). Firefox really needs this feature and it really needs HDR and 4K support for streaming sites so that we no longer have to use Edge on windows at least because on Linux you cant even watch 4K content at all no matter the browser. Lets fix this problem it is totally doable right and going through all this it is a pain. If the streaming sites wont fix it Mozilla can with a bit of trickery.