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one extra window in the background! (bug to take notice of)

Making moves

Hi, reporting a minor bug the only way I know. This is Firefox on iMac desktop. I'm always taking down the current window (cmd-w) and doing a full browser clear, before going on to the next website. Just recently, it's often taking one additional cmd-w to take all the windows down that I know are up - leaving the feeling like there's a hidden survellence window watching me! But I think it's just a recent monor bug to take note of. On a website like for instance. If you scroll down it, it pretty soon puts up a popup window asking you to subscribe. You then hit the corner x in the popup to take it down and continue. Now Firefox thinks there's 2 windows up, and now it takes 2 cmd-w when there's really only 1 window up. (2 cmd-w, then 3rd cmd-w beeps telling you there's no more to take down. That's how you know.) I've seen this on my financial websites too and others. It just leaves a bad feeling like there's a hidden window there watching me! This is very recent. It didn't use to do that.