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What is Mozilla doing to combat youtube's sabotage of the FF browser

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I'm fed up with this!  What is the Mozilla foundation doing to combat youtube's ongoing attack against the FF browser.



What issues are you experiencing with YouTube in Firefox?

Some users report that YouTube is degrading the experience of users who block ads, but I don't know whether this is part of your situation, or it's some other problem.

You guys are up to something, this is the 2nd time I updated only to have my adblock stop working or Youtube being completely broken.  The internet is unusable without adblock of some kind, if Youtube was reasonable with their ads, I would put up with them, instead they are scummy, repetitive and intrusive.  If Mozzila continues with aiding Google I will leave along with most of your user and you will be another cautionary tell like MySpace.  And Google...if they continue, what will happen will make the the .Con bubble look like a blip.

Google is targeting AdBlock by degrading the experience of non-Chrome users who use AdBlock, and by disallowing AdBlock on their own Chrome browsers. This is 100% a Google-Targeting-Adblock issue - this is in no way a FireFox issue. Take it up with Google, they are the only ones up to anything. Furthermore, if Firefox releases an update, it is not Firefox's responsibility to ensure that every single third-party browser extension is compatible with that update - that's not how this works, it would actually be impossible for Mozilla to do that as anyone can develop their own browser extensions and those developers own those extensions' functionality. If AdBlock isn't keeping up with Firefox's updates, that's on Adblock. Go take your suspicions elsewhere friend.

Yes, Google is targeting adblock, things started breaking with version 124, totally broke with version 126 to 127...As for my suspicions...

Mozilla Signs Lucrative 3-Year Google Search Deal for Firefox


is the name of the article.  But, come on there is no way they would bend to Google pressure when Google funds them???...right...And, it is amazing that switching to LibreWolf, running the same ad ons, pages load and video's play...but its 3rd party adons its not Google using its check book to bend companies to their will...

I forgot to add, I loved firefox, I started using it when it was called Netscape.  An open sourced browser maintained by Coders, I loved that.  Today it is a soulless corporation that laid off 250+ of its employee's and sold what was left for a Google paycheck. 

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Its the anti competitive behavior youtube has applied against the FF browser when watching videos that do not affect other chrome based browsers.  their attack is against the FF based browsers.  The attack includes blocking the video from playing all together, stuttering or randomly interfering playback.

None of which apply to google-chrome based browsers.  What is Mozilla doing to counter this anti competitive behavior.

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More like it is FireFox itself doing this to you not YouTube, get it?  If they are going to remove the ShortCuts from us without notification, what makes u think that it is not the Browser causing the issues and not YouTube?

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They'll fix it sooner or later. I just switch to Edge to watch 4k vids with high quality ads.

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why edge when you can watch youtube with Brave and have no commercials or interruptions whatsoever.  Brave is based on Chrome, made by Google, and is not being affected.  FF, Waterfox and other Mozilla browsers are being affected to have the same viewing features.

I really would like to have somebody from corporates Mozilla respond. 



Of course, that's not the answer expected, nevertheless, if you want embed your video

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Firefox is up to something, a few weeks ago I updated to the newest version(126?) and my adblock stopped working, a few days ago I gave them another chance updated to 127 and Youtube with adblocks is completely broken, videos take minutes to load, they stop playing randomly.  Rolling back to 125.0.1 kinda fixed the issue

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I've been using FF with YouTube and other Google services and have not had any issues. Using latest version 127.0.

I love Firefox. I've been in the the process of de-Googling this year and FF is the tip of the spear on my front!