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Weird issue with downloading files and kind-of duplicating

Making moves

Hey all!

I have a weird issue that is hard to articulate, but here I go.

For a long while, now, whenever I download files, I'll sometimes check the destination folder and see two instances of the download, one with a (1) at the end of it, and the other without, though the one without is an empty file size, so then I have to delete the one without the (1) at the end, and THEN I can rename the instance with the data and remove the (1) at the end. 

For a long time now, this has been an on and off thing, but today, I downloaded a bunch of files and ALL of the downloads all consistently had this same problem, which has never happened before.  It used to be something that would happen around 25% of the time, if that, but today it was 100%. 

It's obviously not life or death but it is super annoying.  Having a folder that should only have ten files now have 20, but only 10 of those actually having any data yet having a (1) at the end as if it's a duplicate...and for that duplication to happen with ONE SINGLE download command....what the hell?!?

Is this just a Firefox issue?  Or some weird setting I can fix?

Hoping someone can help!