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115.0.2 - Firefox is back again to freezing up every few tabs.

Making moves

115.0.2 - Firefox is back to freezing up every few tabs. Opening just 3 max will do it after a few times. Tried all the things in settings, but it's back to the same old stuff again. In Task Manager, it's taking up a heck of a lot of memory - even after closing all but the opening (Mozilla local) page.

The previous version did it, but much, much fewer times.

I'm using Windows 7 Home premium and I know, I know - but there are millions of us who can't afford a new computer so that we can use the latest M$ kludge.

Like (but not as grave as) the USS Indianapolis, many of us are being pushed to the outside of the ring of compatibility where updating and/or upgrading are concerned. That would make a good article for Mozilla to research. The title could be "Thrown Away Hackers: No Money and Old Computers".

You folks at Mozilla are doing a hell of a job. If I had any money, I would throw it at you.

Keep on.