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Very new here and have a few questions about CAs

Making moves

I've been researching phone security just as a bit of a "hobby" recently and CA certificates are definitely involved and not discussed as much as I think they warrant having knowledge about. I have a couple attatchments here. That being said, I found a discussion here from 2 years ago regarding the distrust of a CA: 


The screenshot I attached seems to be exactly the same. I found this on my S22 that I bought used, wiped the cache, and did a factory reset a couple weeks ago so shouldn't this be gone completely from my system even if it doesn't technically expire until next year? I ended up finding 10 in total from various entities and some had expired 2 or 3 years ago. Shouldn't unaware people be notified about disabling them as a security precaution? Any insight and feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Making moves

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