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Version 115.0 is Infuriatingly Confusing - Interface is Crap

Making moves

I should not have to spend 5-10 minutes to be able to get and send mail. I liken it to being forced to learn a new way to communicate.

No intelligent person would force you to have to relearn how to do things you have been doing, or more or less, the same way.

I'm going to have to switch to another Mail Program. This is the last straw for me after putting up with a Spam Filter that does not work too often.

You guys haver really screwed things up!


Making moves

Improving speed, reliability, etc are all fine because it involves the underlying engine, but there really is no good reason to make huge changes to the interface. 
I  have been working with computers for many years, repairing, upgrading installing, helping customers learn to use them. I am also a psychologist who understands what ergonomics is all about, and know bad interfaces when I test them. This issue is the biggest problem for computer users in the  entire computer industry. People who are good at writing code are often the worst at recognizing useability issues and should never be put in charge of the IU. Those with teaching experience, really good teachers, are the ones who understand how to make things clear and easy to use. Organizations who don't understand this are going to frustrate and annoy users who are more likely to then abandon them.