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3 TB Fails--Keyboard Shortcuts/Photo Copy/Determinate Font

Making moves

1. TB should have a switch to disable KB shortcuts. For those that don't have a use, and may have to correct TB's unwanted and erroneous detours including but not limited to generating false addresses. Not everyone using TB is a perfect typist. It is conceiveable that TB's spurious shortcuts could cause job or legal issues if an email is sent to wrong person.

2. TB photo management has improved, but Copy from TB to another Widnows application fails. A Windows standard. A photo can't be copied from TB into a photo editor to fix, it must be deleted, then the photo must be retrieved from it's source to fix, then copied inthoTB.

3. TB's font management is to "get smaller", "get larger". When text is copied into TB frequently the best way to select the same size and style is to copy everything into Notepad to make the text uniform, then copy back to TB. This frequently happens if, eg, text from a newspaper is copied into a TB message, what a mess. TB should follow other applications' standard way of selecting Font Size. 


Making moves

All I want to do is block unwanted emails. Must always select 'dislike this'. Does not work. It cannot be labeled as spam.