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Use Firefox Password Manager For All Private Data?

Making moves

Hello! Like many people I have found keeping passwords safe in a convenient way very difficult. I have found Firefox's password management system very good and have recently started using it for things it was not set up for.

For example, if there was a real physical combination lock at a club I need to open and which had a combination of 7594, I would go to Firefox passwords and create a new login. As you have to enter a URL, I would make a fake URL such as Then I might add a fake user name like "padlock combination". Then in the password field I would enter 7549.

I am finding this is working very well for me and I have started storing all sorts of data including very long "passwords" which are actually things like private RSA keys. It is great to only have one system for all my secret data and for it to be available on all my devices. I do try and keep my devices secure and also I have activated the need to enter a code on Desktop.

I would like to ask if people think this is a reasonably safe way of keeping data secure and if not why not. Also, are there are usability issues or is it actually a sensible convenient method?