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Upon Petitions: Please Provide the Evidence and Public Witnesses

Making moves


Whenever you send a newsletter upon any petition, will you please provide all legal evidence and a list of witnesses who agree to stop the problems? We should not sign upon any petition that does not do what your short newsletters anonymously state they do. Get the point? Petitions go much further with complete legal evidence and any public witnesses.

God bless all,



Making moves

What I want, when Mozilla sends me a petition and asks me to sign it, is the actual TEXT of the petition.  This is routinely NOT included. I don't sign stuff I haven't read!  (I'm aghast at the number of people who will sign anything based on a vague description of it)

also we need to know to whom it is addressed - sometimes that is stated, sometimes not.

They generally sound like great petition ideas, but without those details I cannot in good faith sign it, i.e. avow that I agree with it, since I don't know exactly what "it" is!


I completely agree with you, Virginia, but when will Mozilla listen to its users for all legalization and who they each effect?

In Christ's holy name, amen.