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Making moves

hey there guys, first time on here, long time user since 2010! wanted to share experience. have an hp22in-1 desktop. out of box was forced windows11. experienced the common issues with edge. managed a minor disable in normal settings within edge. firefox was sluggish every 5 sec or so with issues with youtube, issues with donloads, repeat problems with bluetooth etc...tryed every detailed trouble shooting driver updates etc tryed vidoes from firefox and beyond- nothing seemed to help. i brows the files linked to msedge. and i find the root issue - IE. found some software to fully remove all files including for mswebview2runtime for edge after removing every file restarting , firefox is running like its brand new. my bluetooth is no longer having any issues... it use to take about 3-5 hours to watch lets say an video for entertainment reasons- now its not buffering or having any issues-  downloading is normalized without failed. and other apps are over all running a lot LOT faster and better. thank you for having mine an my famlies back again firefox an every one who helps with it.
problems - firefox slag, buffering, in load times for downloading pdf, email, video on any website.. slow load time on general pages an links, consistant interfearance with bluetooth that would also cause buffering and lagging and pausing of videos or music content and or download times and sucesses.
solution- removal softeware to remove complete files for microsoft edge and webruntime2
result- 24 hours later every thing running as it should.
prevention method- key entry for registration for edge update